Some would consider a longstanding friendship a requisite for successful married life, and for the case of Lester and Monica, a Filipino couple from Toronto, a friendship lasting ten years is well enough foundation to form a bedrock for two lives united in marriage. The two met in indeed less-amicable terms than now, as mere acquaintances in high school, yet ten years of what starts off as a simple amorphous figment of a friendship would nevertheless evolve through the currents of time to form what would become a shimmering stone in wedding-ring form. The day with which such a long friendship has built itself towards took place on October 12, 2013 in Mississauga’s St. Catherine of Siena Church, amidst the backdrop earth-toned autumn leaves, traditional Catholic regalia and a lively atmosphere that was enough to warm the many hearts despite the season. Much to our delight here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography group, the couple were overjoyed with our namesake service, the “same day edit”, which was played upon request during the evening’s festivities. Fun, friendship and fulfillment were the central themes of this wedding, and what began in the hearts of Lester and Monica ten years ago would indeed fulfill itself on such a day, and us at SDE Weddings were glad to take part in creating and capturing memories that would hence last ten-fold that time.

The day began on the outskirts of Toronto, in the Fairfield Inn & Suites Marriott in Mississauga, with a sentimental reading of notes between bride and groom as the two made haste to prepare for the ever-long walk down the isle, and the longer walk down the road of life. Lester, overcome with emotion, unabashedly wiped tear after tear as he read his beloved’s letter on what would be the most important day of their lives as friends. Our dedicated wedding videographers were up early to document these precious once in a lifetime moments and immortalize them in film form, and as the morning grew longer and preparations were coming to a close, we followed and filmed the divided party in separate limousines as they made their drive to St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church for the start of the wedding day ceremonies. The couple’s first look was filmed underneath an arbor, surrounded by manifold trees turning their leaves for the fall season, an act somewhat symbolic of the turn Lester and Monica’s lives in twain were about to take only moments away from now. As noon passed, the couple made their promises before the eyes of God and man in a Catholic congregation of friends and family, in exemplary Filipino fashion. Afterward, in a transition to afternoon affairs, the crowd partook in formal photo-ops with the newlyweds, and soon after continued one by one through a scenic route about Brampton’s Gage Park, City Hall, and Rose Theater, for further photo-taking activities.

Snapshot season ended somberly as all in attendance soon arrived at the Mississauga Convention Centre, a spacious enough setting for the long evening ahead. A photo-booth and guest-book signing station was quickly set up for the celebrants as a celebration appetizer, and soon after, the bride and groom made their gala entrance to a decked ballroom with dimly-lit jade colored ambient lighting, fully furnished seating arrangements and gaudily garnished cloths, draperies and floral bouquets. Short introduction videos of family and friends were played, and the wedding reception commenced to the tune of the couples’ favorite music. After four filling courses and the honorable cake-cutting, our videographers and cinematographers here at SDE Weddings were very proud to present the audience with a ‘same day edit’ of footage taken throughout the day, a fitting highlight reel for the crowd as a ‘deja-vu’ to top off this rendezvous. Lester and Monica then took to the podium to deliver their long-awaited wedding day speeches, now as husband and wife. A heartfelt slideshow was put on display, showcasing the couples’ many fond memories as a segue to a night of dancing and liveliness. The night soon closed far late into the night, with the couple finally happily wed, a well deserved ending for a long journey together as friends. In short, we at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography group, were enamored with Lester and Monica’s wedding day reception and celebration from start to finish, and truly enjoyed working with the couple in commemorating the crucial moments of their monumental day.

Filipino Wedding | Toronto Wedding Cinematographer | Lester + Monica | Same Day Edit
Ceremony Venue: St. Catherine of Siena Church, 2340 Hurontario St.,Mississauga,
Reception Venue: Mississauga Convention Center | 75 Derry Road West, Mississauga, ON
Make Up Artists: Alexandra Colella | Mobile Makeovers
Photobooth: Funorama Photobooth | Chris Letts