Toronto is famous worldwide for its unique multicultural atmosphere. Often boasting its status as the most multicultural major city in the world, among other accolades as ranking among the highest in standards of living and a near-utopian culture of tolerance and acceptance of immigrant traditions that mold together into a cohesive social structure. Toronto is like a miniature UN, so to say. That’s why we were very pleased as Toronto’s premier wedding videography & cinematography company to film Sabrina and Ranvir’s wedding, a couple whose love transcends yet envelops culture and religion both. Sabrina, a christian of the Church of the Nazarene congregation, and Ranvir, an ardent Sikh belonging to the Gurdwara Sikh Sangat, are an extraordinary couple indeed, yet who met ironically in rather ordinary circumstances. The two were introduced during high school, and began dating soon after graduation. The classic story of teenage lovers, their bond soon grew as time went on, till both finally decided on a lifelong commitment to one another, going above and beyond cultural and religious barriers, as love often has the power to. The couple were married in a two day celebration on August 16th and 17th of 2013, in both Christian and Sikh wedding traditions, where which well over 400 guests were in attendance. A rather extravagant reception for an extraordinary duo to say the least.

The first day revolved around traditional Sikh ceremonies, and began early for the bride and groom, as they were up and ready to meet us at 6:30 in the morning to prepare for the day. After picture-taking and preparations, the couple and their families arrived at the Gurdwara Sikh Sangat, a Sikh temple in Brampton, where a ‘milni’ or a formal greeting between families takes place in Northern Indian cultural fashion. Breakfast and tea is served prior to ceremonies, and everything was underway for the Sikh wedding procession which took place just before noon. In this span of time, one half of Sabrina and Ranvir’s unique multicultural marriage was secured. “Anand Karaj” is the punjabi term for a Sikh wedding ceremony. It loosely translates to a “blissful union”, and in all measures, Sabrina and Ranvir’s Sikh wedding fit the lovely label to a tee. Picturetaking for the group was next on the schedule, as the crowd paid a visit to Heart Lake Conservation within Etobicoke creek, a rather apt name for the newlywed lovers. After a short commemorative picture-taking session, the group soon found themselves at Renvir’s house for further Sikh ceremonial festivities to close the day. The two went to bed quite early, as soon as ceremonies ended, as only half their work was complete.

A long night served as a segue for the second day of wedding celebrations. Our wedding videographers arrived just prior to noon to the bride and groom’s residences respectively for individual filming, and were in attendant as they proceeded to the church, Brampton’s Church of the Nazarene, come noontime. The ritual ceremonies took place just as afternoon began, and a holy multireligious matrimony had finally come to fruition. The night, however, had simply just begun. After another quick photo-taking session at the nearby Chinguacousy park in Brampton, the entire 400-count guestlist made their descent to the Apollo Convention Centre. Drinks were served till 7:30, and introductions by the best man and maid of honor were made, interspersed by the newlyweds’ favorite music (an eclectic mix of Pitt Bull’s chart-topping tracks with a few beats straight from Bollywood). Our wedding videographer created a next day edit video of the 1st day which was played as bountiful cakes were served to the crowd, and dances between bride and groom, and family members set the joyful tone of the night. The mixed cross-cultural crowd had plenty to eat, and plenty of fun to have with a bridal bouquet toss and correspondingly a groom garter toss, among other games played all around the evening. The massive party concluded the next day at the crack of dawn, and our videographers made it in earnest to be involved in every chance to capture every moment of jubilation from Sabrina and Ranvir, to their family and friends, and to the massive crowd in attendance. We also hope in earnest that Sabrina and Ranvir’s ‘blissful union’ serves as a monument to Toronto’s multicultural tradition throughout their lives.

Friday Ceremony Venue: Gurdwara Sikh Sangat | 32 Regan Road, Brampton, ON
Saturday Ceremony Venue: Brampton Church of the Nazarene | 68 Rutherford Road North, Brampton, ON
Reception Venue: Apollo Convention Center | 6591 Innovator Drive, Mississauga, ON
Photographer: Nav | Everlasting Impressions Inc.
DJ: Sukhi | Empire Entertainment
Saturday Officiant: Pastor Ann Hallyburton
Make Up Artists: Muffy Hasan & Pam Brij (Hair)
Limo & Transportation: Rockstar Limo