For us here at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, nothing can make our videographers and cinematographers smile more than being part of an unforgettable experience; playing an irreplaceable part in the production of a newlywed couple’s wedding day through capturing every single beautiful moment from the earliest of morning to the twilight hours of the night. Witnessing the creation of a beautiful memory and the building of a foundation for a life and future for a loving couple, our videographers and cinematographers have always relied on these inspirational moments to be the kindling to their fire, keeping them going throughout the many years we’ve been in service. One such memorable, inspirational and beautiful tale is the story of Louisa & Victor, a wonderful Chinese couple whom our videographers and cinematographers had the utmost pleasure in working with on their fateful wedding day held on September 9th, 2016 at one of our most favorite of venues, Toronto’s luxurious and exquisite Graydon Hall Manor, one of Toronto’s few historic Gregorian manors and a truly breathtaking setting surrounded by the lush forests of Toronto’s Don Valley. The traditional and classical themes of Louisa & Victor’s wedding held on a beautiful and spotless summer day created a truly special and sentimental atmosphere for our videographers and cinematographers to work with and capture in full. So join us as we recall some of our most prized memories from Louisa & Victor’s unforgettable wedding day, and take a look at one of our videographers and cinematographers’ most memorable all-time weddings.

Here is the highlight video that our cinematographer made for Victor & Louisa’s wedding at Toronto’s Graydon Hall Manor.

Working on Louisa & Victor’s superb September summer season wedding began for our videographers and cinematographers with visiting the bride & groom on the morning of their wedding day. For the morning’s preparations, our videographers and cinematographers made good use of the bright and spotless summer sky for capturing evocative scenes of the couple’s preparations using lighting through windows and the contrast between the dim indoors and natural sunlight. Another sentimental scene from our videographers and cinematographers, the couple’s first look, which took place on the grounds of the immaculate Graydon Hall Manor was a magical moment taken straight from a storybook. For the wedding ceremony, Louisa & Victor had chosen the very same grounds of Graydon Hall Manor. With a picture perfect sky and nothing but brilliant sunlight shining down on a superb September day, and an altar nestled elegantly in the forests of Toronto’s Don Valley, the loving couple shared their vows to a crowd of their closest friends and family, a truly remarkable moment captured by our videographers and cinematographers in full.

For Louisa & Victor’s choice of wedding day venue, Toronto’s Graydon Hall Manor was an excellent and astute choice – being among the top favorite destinations for our videographers and cinematographers to film at. A cozy and inviting atmosphere surrounds the historic Gregorian manor. Built in 1936 and situated at the heart of Toronto’s Don Valley, the manor boasts an impeccable location and a perfectly tailored scenery; that of a pristine garden, a beautifully furnished main hall, and an overall aesthetic which embraces classical themes. Indeed, for a couple as classy and Louisa & Victor, Toronto’s Graydon Hall Manor was a perfect fit. Sharing a kiss as they walk down the aisle, and trailed by our videographers and cinematographers, newlyweds Louisa & Victor would proceed to Graydon Hall’s interior for the celebration ahead.

To kick off a lively, energetic and unforgettable night of celebration, Louisa & Victor made their grand entrance into the manor’s main hall to be greeted by the roaring applause from family and friends. In our included highlight reel, our videographers and cinematographers had featured the newlywed couple’s banquet hall before the seats began to fill in, giving a sneak peek at the wedding cake, sentimental decorations in tribute to the couple’s life together, and luxurious and exquisitely prepared dining arrangements for the newlyweds and their guests. A favourite scene from our videographers and cinematographers was the couple’s toast in commemoration of their wedding and a sharing of their joyfulness with the crowd. The newlyweds had gone guest by guest to toast wineglasses, an intimate and heartfelt part of the evening captured by our videographers and cinematographers. And to add to the evening’s liveliness, the beloved newlyweds had hosted a series of fun and exciting games to celebrate, with all the fun and excitement caught in full by our videographers and cinematographers. And to close an unforgettable evening, song and dance would serenade the lovely couple into the long hours of the night.

So with all that said, we here at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, wish nothing but the very best for Louisa & Victor on their lifelong journey ahead together. Our videographers and cinematographers are absolutely grateful and humbled to have played a role in the filming of Louisa & Victor’s truly magical day, from start to finish. We wish the happily married newlyweds all the best that life can give them, and hope that our work with them in filming their truly perfect wedding day will always be a source of inspiration for the two all throughout their lives.

Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue: Graydon Hall Manor | 185 Graydon Hall Drive, Toronto