Time for a lovely historical tale. During ancient times, the Korean peninsula and the Korean people had been split into several kingdoms after many generations since being formed, as many ancient people were, through a legendary lineage lost in antiquity. One of the smaller kingdoms, called “Gaya” situated in modern-day South Korea, finds its creation through a very curious tale of a visitor from far-off lands descending onto the land of the morning calm. Legend has it that a young maiden princess from the distant country of “Ayuta” arrived in what would become the “Gaya confederacy” and married a fabled king named “Suro” who would soon ascend in rank to be the first king of the land of Gaya, one of the ancient founding kingdoms of Korea. The young princess became historically known as Heo Hwang-ok, and her home country of “Ayuta” is traceable to the ancient Indian kingdom of Ayodhya, which still exists in India as a Hindu holy city near the Nepalese border.

This peculiar legend bears a beautiful parallel to the story of Gita and Edward, a young couple from Toronto whose contrasting heritages fittingly echoes this millennium-old legend. Gita, who’s of Indian background, and Edward, who’s of Korean descent, met amicably through common friends, yet would soon find themselves perhaps unwittingly reanimating this ancient tale of love. We at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and video cinematography group, could not help but be enchanted by Gita and Edwards’ fantastical wedding ceremony and celebration, and the underlying message that love has always had the power to transcend boundaries, whether then, now, or ever.

Gita and Edward held their wedding day on November 23, 2013. In two ceremonies held at Toronto’s prestigious Sheraton Centre Hotel on Queen street, the couple held an Indian ‘Baraat’ and a Korean ‘Pyebaek’ specific to their twin heritages, both in-turn made altogether a truly colorful and unique multicultural experience for our videographers and cinematographers. In love letters shared to each other before the day began, the couple found their own words to express just how much the other was worth to them. Wrapped in an elaborate envelope, Edward shared his deepest feelings in truly poetic form, which simple reiteration here would do it disservice. You can listen to the readings in the highlight video below.

As for the ceremonies, it would be an understatement to merely call them “multicultural”. In line with Gita’s Hindu wedding heritage, the Baraat was held in strictest tradition. In and among the exhaustive list of customary Hindu wedding practices, the couple were revealed to each other through the drop of a thin red veil, and, in the end, greeted each other with wide-eyed smiles on the most important moment of their lives. Proceeding a ritual of vermillion powder and a celestial blessing from the sun and north star, Gita’s parents wished off their beloved daughter, to which the newlyweds made a tearful exit.

Ceremonies would again commence with the traditional Korean ‘Pyebaek’ set seemingly in a world apart from earlier. Gita arrived in absolutely splendid attire, donning a traditional ‘Hanbok’ dress as she slowly and ceremonially stepped into the hall. The couple, both in traditional Korean garment, were truly well received by the crowd of the couples’ joint families as they made their entrance. In a ceremony deeply rooted in ancient Korean practice, Edward carries his newly crowed bride on his back, as Gita joyfully laughs. Through this entire spectacle which closed the ceremonies for the day, the crowd reciprocates Gita and Edwards’ sincere happiness at that moment with a roaring cheer of congratulations and applause, all of which were captured by our videographers and can be previewed in the highlight reel below. To finally close the night and put a finale to a truly wonderful wedding day, Gita and Edward held their reception in Toronto’s ritzy Panorama Lounge on Bloor street. The wedding guests were greeted by specially made luxury cupcakes care of Toronto’s Gossip Cakes, and the evening winded down befittingly with a solemnly romantic first dance between the newlyweds to draw an end to the procession.

All in all, we here at SDE Weddiings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group, were extremely proud to play a pivotal role in capturing and documenting the unforgettable memories from Gita and Edwards’ grand wedding celebration. We were truly enamored by the uniquely multicultural experience we had in participating throughout the day, and hope that Gita and Edwards’ life in love together will, like the storybook tale earlier, be just as timeless and legendary.

Reception Venue: Panorama Lounge | 55 Bloor St. West, Toronto
Photographer: Kenneth Chou
DJ: Dennis Kam-­Thong
Hindu Ceremony Officiant: Kishore Jani
Makeup Artists: Shirley Wu | Beauty Concept by Shirley Wu
Limo: 5 Star Limo
Hotel: Shearton Hotel | 123 Queen Street West