For us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth rental group, we know that what truly makes the magic happen between couples is the underlying “chemistry” entailing an eternal and unbreakable bond based on love. From the smallest subtleties to the grandest pleasantries, everything combined in full to create something undeniably beautiful. That’s why, for our videographers and cinematographers, filming for a very special couple, Jenny & Ian, on their very special day just this previous October 10th, 2015, was a genuinely magical experience. Jenny, a marketing professional, and Ian, a chemical engineer, held their wonderful wedding ceremony and celebration at the heart of Toronto’s most cherished academic institutions – and their very-own alma mater – the University of Toronto, at the prestigious Knox College theological institute and an after-ceremony celebration at The Faculty Club, a historical campus club and high-class event venue at the University of Toronto. With playful morning rituals celebrating Jenny & Ian’s shared Chinese heritage, to a gorgeous and unforgettable wedding in a traditional gothic-revival setting, Jenny & Ian’s most special day was a plethora of beautiful and sentimental scenes, all captured in full by our videographers and cinematographers. So join us as we recall our wonderful wedding day experience with Jenny & Ian, learn more about the many favored scenes from our videographers and cinematographers, and have a look at Jenny & Ian’s wedding day highlight reel!

The morning of Jenny & Ian’s big day began for our videographers and cinematographers at the centre of Toronto’s luxurious Yorkville district, at the Toronto Marriot Bloor Yorkville Hotel, on a rightfully high-note and one which would remain throughout the entire day’s worth of filming. True to Chinese tradition, and to affirm the heritage shared by Jenny & Ian, the couple would host traditional wedding day door games and tea ceremony. Both in beautiful red and gold garments, both traditional colours and ones reflecting the grand theme of the day: love. Filming for these playful morning scenes is always a pleasure for our videographers and cinematographers, as through them we see genuine happiness and laughter between friends, all part of the magic which makes a wedding day complete. In our highlight reel, we feature a sentimental exchange of words between the bride and groom during the door games. An emotionally heavy scene beyond words, but featured in full in the highlight!

For Jenny & Ian’s wedding ceremony, they had chosen a homely setting that holds special significance for both of them. At their alma-mater, the University of Toronto, at the historical Knox College theological institute, a staggeringly beautiful work of gothic-revival architecture which serves as a holy home for faithful studies in a presbyterian tradition. This venue choice was an instant favorite for our videographers and cinematographers. In the highlight, we dedicate several quick scenes which focus on the intricacies and beauty of the building’s inner and outer architecture, of the interior gothic arcs and stained-glass windows and the breathtaking stonewall exterior.

As for the moment-of-truth itself, Jenny & Ian’s wedding ceremony was purely magical from start to finish. With a beautiful walk down the aisle alongside scenes of heartfelt emotion, all featured in the highlight. An interesting creative choice from our videographers and cinematographers was in following the exchange of wedding letters to the exchange of vows, creating a stream-lined narrative of a conversation between Jenny & Ian on their most magical of days. And alongside the truly special vow-exchange, our videographers and cinematographers had chosen to intersperse scenes from the celebration afterwards – creating a contrast between a magical evening and what truly made it possible.

Coupled with several joyful scenes taken afterwards in Knox College’s interior garden with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, it was only a short walk away for Jenny & Ian’s entourage as we prepared for the evening’s celebration set at The Faculty Club, an exclusive campus club at the University of Toronto. Keeping true to the mood of the day, the now happily married newlyweds finally made a grand entrance to their celebration hall to full applause. Two entertaining scenes of note featured by our videographers and cinematographers was of Jenny & Ian’s first dance, with all eyes set on the couple that made the evening possible. Next was a new one for our videographers and cinematographers, a hilarious scene of the cake-cutting gone haywire. A must-see scene, let’s just say that Jenny & Ian had a ‘face-off’ when it came to the wedding cake, to put it bluntly. A slapstick scenario full of laughter and smiles, truly emblematic of the deep friendship Jenny & Ian have with one another. Looking back, Jenny & Ian’s wedding through our lenses made for a beautiful blend of historical, cultural and modern palettes. Between the morning’s Chinese wedding rituals, to the breath-taking architecture, to an evening of laughter and excitement, all of it brought together by the “chemistry” between Jenny & Ian on their wedding day. So for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth rental group, we wish Jenny & Ian the very best on their new life together, and hope that our work with them would only strengthen even more the bond between them throughout their lives.

Wedding ceremony: Knox College, University of Toronto | 59 St George St
Wedding reception: The Faculty Club, University of Toronto | 41 Willcocks St
Hotel services: Toronto Marriot Bloor Yorkville Hotel | 90 Bloor St. E.
Photographer: Nechai Studio