For us here at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, it’s always about the little things that makes our work all the more worthwhile. Between the preparation sessions, the beautiful memories shared, and the ultimate moment that a bride and groom become husband and wife, the sum of it all makes every moment captured by our videographers and cinematographers truly priceless. Witnessing the culmination of a relationship blossoming into a new stage of life is something incredibly touching and moving, and to be able to share it with family, friends, and future generations makes our work incredibly important; and from the quality of our work, it certainly shows. So for our videographers and cinematographers, the story of Illona & Roman was a truly wonderful one. The lovely young couple held their wedding day just last year on August 12th, 2017 on a splendid summer day, with their ceremony, reception and celebration held at Toronto’s luxurious McLean House on The Estates of Sunnybrook, among the classiest wedding destinations for our videographers and cinematographers. With a wondrous wedding day reception and celebration, our cameras were busy all day capturing the many truly heartwarming scenes from Illona & Roman’s life-changing wedding day, alongside a special feature of our photo-booth services on site for the couple’s guests. So join us as we recall Illona & Roman’s magical day, and take a trip alongside our videographers and cinematographers as we pleasantly relive among our most lively and uplifting wedding memories to date.

Here is the video that our wedding cinematographers made for Illona & Roman’s wedding at the Estates of Sunnybrook.

Work on Illona & Roman’s superlative summer season wedding began for our videographers and cinematographers at the top of the noon hour on a beautiful summer day, visiting both bride and groom at Toronto’s truly elegant McLean House on The Estates of Sunnybrook as they prepared for the lifelong journey ahead. For our videographers and cinematographers’ favourite scenes, the parallel between bride and groom’s preparations by the same window-side spot overlooking the Sunnybrook courtyard was a lovely series of shots for us to take. Both bride and groom’s reveal to their family and friends, alongside cheers and toasts all around, altogether building up the energy for the walk down the aisle that was in store. And with preparations completed, both bride and groom commenced with the wedding ceremony, held on a gorgeous August afternoon with Illona glowingly pacing herself down the aisle surrounded by an intimate ensemble of the couple’s closest friends and family; making this one of our most special, exclusive and intimate weddings to date! With vows recited and a lifelong bond affirmed, Illona & Roman were greeted with smiles and applause from an absolutely beaming crowd as we welcomed them to their newfound lives as husband and wife. A truly delightful memory for our videographers and cinematographers to capture in full.

For their ceremony, reception and celebration, Illona & Roman had chosen Toronto’s McLean House on The Estates of Sunnybrook, a wonderfully kept estate just by Sunnybrook Park on the side of Toronto’s vast and expansive Don Valley. One of Sunnybrook’s three houses on their vast estate, our videographers and cinematographers were truly pleased to work at the beautiful McLean House, a historic manor set on a stunning forty acre property surrounded by the lush greenery grown out of the Don Valley. With both an elegantly arranged and immaculately kept interior, and a captivating exterior, the McLean house would be the perfect destination for Illona & Roman on their exclusive wedding day alongside their select entourage of closest friends and relatives. For our videographers and cinematographers’ favourite scenes from the newlywed couple’s wonderful wedding day celebration, Illona & Roman’s beautiful first dance surrounded by closest family and friends was a truly touching moment. With the cutting of an exquisite velvet chocolate wedding cake in the main hall, our exclusive photo-booth services open for the newlyweds’ guests to commemorate the truly special day, speeches of well wishes from the newlywed’s friends, and a long evening of song and dance filled with contagious energy and vibrancy, Illona & Roman couldn’t have had a better wedding day from beginning to end.

So with that, we here at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, wish Illona & Roman all the very best in their lives and future together. Our videographers and cinematographers would like to thank the newlywed couple wholeheartedly for giving us the opportunity to film their wedding day from the height of noon to the twilight hours of the early morning, all in all filled with the brightest of smiles and the most eclectic of emotions; a true roller coaster of scenes for our cameras to capture in full. We again wish Illona & Roman the very best in their futures, and hope that our work with them will always remain a testament to the love that has bound them together all throughout their lives.

Wedding Venue: McLean House – The Estates of Sunnybrook | 135 Armistice Dr, North York Wedding Coordinator: Chantilly Lace Events
Photography Services: Love Documentary
Entertainment: Maple Mind Entertainment
Live Music: Candice Sand Inc.
DJ Services: Axe Media
Hair & Makeup Services: Blushing Belles
Florist: La Belle Fleur
Décor: Chairman Mills
Cake: Dolce Vita Cakes