Siyamin and Pritesh’s wedding celebration at the famous Ontario Place’s Atlantis Pavilion sincerely seemed like the start of a fairytale journey for the young couple. As fate would have it happen, the two would go through the motions far beyond dance floor moves on the day they’d met, and would soon find themselves entrenched in the same all-embracing rhythm of song and dance which would pervade the energetic atmosphere of the night of their wedding day. We at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group, are left nothing short of beguiled in midst of love stories such as Pritesh and Siyamin’s, and are always grateful that we can play a part, however small, as stagehands to their fairytale performance.

Filming would begin at the bride and groom’s residences, our videographers ready to capture the more candid of the couples’ moments as the anxious pair made steadfast preparations for the long walk down the aisle. Siyamin had prepared a perfectly gorgeous red sari embroidered with glittering gold and diamonds in elaborately crafted floral figures, and accompanying it, a matching golden pair of stilettos. At the other camp, our videographers filmed Pritesh’s morning prep, and him suiting up in a traditional beige kurta ensemble with a velvet red sash and matching turban coupled with threaded pearls. Once complete, we accompanied the couple to Toronto’s Swaminarayan Mandhir, a gorgeous temple sculpted in the tradition of Indian architecture, to commence traditional Hindu wedding marriage rites. We enjoyed the matching velvet red theme that the wedding hall had set up for the couple, and the beautiful podium arrangement for the ceremonies ahead. In contrast to the libertine lifestyle that the couple shared, their entrance into the hall and the walk down isle would be a demure and solemn one, reflecting a deeply rooted respect for the culture which brought them together. After an extensive sequence of ceremonies involving bride, groom, family and friends alike, the newlywed couple finally greeted their loved ones now as husband and wife. In the end, a shower of multicoloured flower petals were set adrift above Siyamin and Pritesh by the crowd as a sign of celebration, coupled with a roar of cheers, wide-eyed smiles and a plethora of cameras for picture taking.

A true delight for our videographers and cinematographers would come later in the evening’s celebration, with an absolutely astounding backdrop of Toronto’s skyline at night as seen from the overarching glass walls of Ontario Place’s Atlantis Pavilion. The ambiance of the evening fit that of an elegant high-life shindig, with oversized art and photographs of the couple set on display outside the hall, and the horizon of Toronto’s lake-shore seemingly imprinted in the distance. At the far apex of the pavilion was a fantastically regal stage and seating arrangement for Siyamin and Pritesh, with furnishing to mimic a shimmering crystalline white motif. The guests’ dining tables were illuminated by scattered candlelight, setting a romantic mood for the crowd during dinner services. As the evening moved forward past cocktail hour, the bridesmaids and groomsmen made their luxuriant entrances and naturally equipped themselves with speeches to congratulate Siyamin and Pritesh. Beforehand however, our videographers and cinematographers had crafted a same-day-edit, true to the name of SDE Weddings, which was played as an interlude to the family members’ commemorative speeches. From hereon in, the long-awaited night of song, dance and liveliness was in full effect. An open dance-hall where quite literally everyone was up from their seats and dancing as though the night would never end. The newly married couple thanked the entire room for welcoming them to their new-found life in marriage, and the evening’s celebrations would close with plenty of hugs and congratulations. In conclusion, our videographers and cinematographers here at SDE Weddings were utmost pleased with how Siyamin and Pritesh’s wedding celebration had turned out, and believe fully that the lasting energy of their spirited evening of song and dance will carry on with them throughout their lives.

Swaminarayan mandhir: 61 clairville drive, etobicoke M9W 5Z7
Bridal party photos: Westin Harbour castle – 1 harbour square Toronto, M5A 1A6
Atlantis Pavilion (reception): 955 lakeshore blvd. West M6K 3B9