A serendipitous meeting, a life guided by destiny, and a love strengthened by faith. Recanting the multitude of memories we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group, might have on the many weddings we’ve filmed, we can always guarantee that our hearts and minds would gravitate to these fundamental themes. That’s why for us, the story of Richard & Maria, a Hamilton wedding that we filmed, is all too touching. Working with the young couple from Brampton for their wedding day videography and cinematography this previous December 6th, 2014; with ceremonies held at Brampton’s St. John Fisher Church and a beautiful reception to close the evening at Carmen’s Banquet Hall in Stony Creek, has done naught but affirm our beliefs in life and love and just how powerful ‘true love’ truly is. Just as fate would have it, Richard had been a marketing manager that dealt – surprise, surprise – in weddings and wedding-planning, employing his acumen in the the modern climate of social-networks. Little did he know that his very own wedding would come about through this very same medium, in a simple exchange of words via Facebook chat with the woman who would become his bride-to-be: Maria, an aficionado of all things fitness and dance. Striking things off through cyberspace, Maria & Richard would soon find themselves going through life’s motions; thick or thin, sink or swim, till fate would have them under the altar on an unforgettable December day. One that our videographers and cinematographers here at SDE Weddings had the utmost pleasure in documenting, from start to finish. Join us in recalling Maria & Richard’s beautiful December wedding, musing on the love that brought them together, and a look at how our videographers and cinematographers captured every sentimental scene of such a truly special day.

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All photos courtesy of Jessilynn Wong Photography | jessilynnwongphotography.com

Keeping in line with an earnest request from Maria & Richard, our cinematographers had included a beautiful quote provided by the couple to accompany their highlight reel. A quote which gives a truly profound look at the incommensurable strength contained in the bond which holds the two together. Simply scripting out the sentences here would do it a disservice, so give a gander at the highlight reel below, which – in our videographers’ and cinematographers’ opinions – is one of the most honest and tear-jerkingly emotional weddings we’ve filmed.

Despite the December weather, morning for Maria & Richard’s wedding day was as bright and brimming in sentiment as it could ever be; beginning for our videographers and cinematographers with documenting the deeply moving recitations of one’s soon-to-be significant other’s professed love and devotion in words writ on large on a wedding letter. “You are my puzzle piece and we fit perfectly together”, a seemingly simple statement summing-up such a saccharine scene superlatively. Indeed, our videographers and cinematographers had commented on how, with the couple’s special quote and the reading of the letters, all tied together through film, made for a beautifully poetic portrait of Maria & Richard’s love on a day like no other. So to did the penultimate scene of Maria & Richard’s formal vows. Unique to the couple, and something our videographers and cinematographers have surprisingly never witnessed before, Maria & Richard had spoken their solemn vows in tandem. Every syllable of which encapsulated lovingly in footage.

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And from solemn vows to cheers and wows, Maria & Richard made the journey all the way from Brampton to Hamilton to hold their after-ceremony reception and celebration at the absolutely lovely ‘Carmen’s Banquet Hall’, a new venue for our videographers and cinematographers. Clearly, Richard’s expertise in wedding-planning had paid him back more than tenfold with such a perfect setup for his very own wedding day. From every detail planned out by Carmen’s (we saw the document!), Maria & Richard were truly treated splendidly for their special evening. Between an antipasto of assorted Italian delicacies, to pasta a-la-carte, to an open bar of exquisite spirits for those in high spirits, you couldn’t ask for more in a wedding celebration. To top the extravagance of the evening off, rope performers and a taasa drumming band performed to the delight of the crowd.

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And so, all in all, Maria & Richard’s unforgettable special day, planned out by fate and an undying devotion between two souls, comes to a close with the witching hours strewn with the tune of dance and liveliness. And through it all, our videographers and cinematographers here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group, had a truly fantastic time from start to finish – reflected in part through our highlight reel (from start to finish). We wish Maria & Richard, two truly kindred souls, a life of unbridled love and happiness, and hope that our work with them will always be a reminder of how a serendipitous start could have such a beautiful end.

Wedding ceremony: St. John Fisher Church | 300 Balmoral Dr, Brampton
Wedding reception: Carmen’s Banquet Hall | 1520 Stone Church Rd E, Hamilton
Wedding florist: D&D’s Floral Designs | 253 Summerlea Rd, Brampton
Wedding photography: Jessilynn Wong Photography | jessilynnwongphotography.com
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