Stories of a first-love blossoming into a beautiful and lifelong love between two kindred spirits is perhaps one of the most touching and emotional storylines to capture for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group. The thought of a destined dream, of your very first time falling in love, having the opportunity to realize such a love, and having these dreams from a young age come true years later in an abundantly beautiful wedding day is a story that’s irrevocably heartwarming, undeniably captivating, and one that stirs the hearts of anyone who’s ever felt such thrilling an experience as young love in full bloom. So for our videographers and cinematographers, working with Tatiana & Clayton on their dream-come-true wedding day earlier this summer on a beautiful summer season wedding on June 17th, 2017 with a gorgeous wedding day ceremony and celebration held at the ever-breathtaking Ancaster Mill, among one of the most favoured wedding day destinations for film and footage for our videographers and cinematographers. Tatiana & Clayton, a fascinating couple of young professionals, had met during elementary school, and officially became a couple at the age of fifteen during their high school years. And through the years since then, they’ve been together through thick and thin, the highs and the lows. Now in the prime of their lives, they’re finally tying the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony captured and documented by our videographers and cinematographers, on a day that would serve to usher in the next stage of their already well-established lives together. With a spotless summer sky and a captivating countryside getaway location just a stone’s throw away from Toronto to serve as centre stage for their wedding day performance, Tatiana & Clayton were on cloud nine all throughout their special day. And with our videographers and cinematographers following their trail from the earliest morning moments to the late hours of the night, not a single priceless memory was lost from our lenses. So join us as we revisit our magnificent once-in-a-lifetime wedding day experience with Tatiana & Clayton, and witness just how perfect the tides of destiny draws two people in perfect harmony.

Here is the highlight video that we made for Tatiana & Clayton’s wedding at the Hamilton Ancaster Mill.

Our work with Tatiana & Clayton began on a bright early summer day, with our two crews of videographers and cinematographers on their way to Ancaster and Oakville respectively to film the beginnings of what would be a beautiful day for both bride and groom as they prepared for the life-long journey ahead. An always and ever favourite scene of ours from our videographers and cinematographers is the bride’s reveal. For Tatiana, this would be a truly revelatory and life-changing step, first revealing with teary-eyes to her beloved father, and furthermore a fully heartwarming reveal to her bridal party, an altogether heart-racing moment which you can preview in our added highlight reel. And off to an all-time favourite wedding day destination for our videographers and cinematographers, Ancaster Mill, a gorgeous countryside getaway just southwest of Hamilton and an altogether-worthwhile drive from our home in Toronto. Filming numerous wedding occasions in this comfy cottage locale, Tatiana & Clayton’s wedding day would serve as another on our list of perfect wedding days under Ancaster’s roof for our videographers and cinematographers. For Tatiana & Clayton, their ceremony and celebration was held dually at Ancaster Mill, and with an exquisitely decorated stage set on a little slice of paradise, Tatiana & Clayton’s wedding ceremony would be sublime beyond words. And with the highlight of our highlight reel, Tatiana & Clayton’s captivatingly romantic exchange of vows, recounting their years growing up together, and ultimately falling in love, one cannot help but feel emotional for such a wonderful couple on a truly destined day in their lives.

With their perfect wedding day vows complete and another step forward in their lifelong journey together, Tatiana & Clayton would have an evening of joyous celebration ahead. A favourite interlude for our videographers and cinematographers, the newlywed couple’s picture and video-taking with bridesmaids and groomsmen as well as their scenic shots would turn out perfectly for Tatiana & Clayton. Exploring Ancaster Mill’s intricately intriguing forests and captivating countryside scenery, our videographers and cinematographers offer a sneak-peek into the newlyweds’ romantic adventure together in our included highlight reel. To start off an incredible and unforgettable night, Tatiana & Clayton made their grand entrance to the roaring applause of the crowd. Our favourite scene from the evening would be the newlyweds’ first dance, and the accompanying dances with the couples’ proud parents; an assembly of genuinely heartwarming scenes which we feature in our highlight reel. One very special part of Tatiana & Clayton’s wedding day celebration was Tatiana’s two sisters preparing a wonderful musical performance and speech to congratulate the bride and groom on accomplishing the first step in their lifelong journey together. We also include this wondrously emotional performance on our video archives alongside our highlight reel. And to top it off, giving an added dimension of fun and celebration to the mix, our photo-booth specialists were on-hand for Tatiana & Clayton and their many guests for some late-night fun and slapstick shenanigans through our always-entertaining photo-booth. Thus, with the long hours of the night drawing Tatiana & Clayton’s wedding day to a close, and plenty of perfect scenes of a perfect wedding day, our videographers and cinematographers couldn’t help but be moved by the power of destiny in bringing a first-love to full bloom.

Here is the wonder music performance Alexa & Nadia made for Tatiana & Clayton at the reception at the Hamilton Ancaster Mill.

So with that all said, we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, wish nothing but the very best for Tatiana & Clayton in the next stage of their lifelong adventure together. We were very humbled to have been a part of Tatiana & Clayton’s truly unforgettable wedding day, and to have played a role in fulfilling one small part in Tatiana & Clayton’s destined lives. We hope that the work of our videographers and cinematographers continue to shine throughout their future, and we hope that the spark which ignited the pair since grade-school continues to shine forever and a day.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Ancaster Mill | 548 Old Dundas Rd, Ancaster, ON L9G 3J4