We here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth rental group, remember one old proverb very well; that you should never let a rainy day dampen your mood. For as we all know, you can always find a rainbow at the end of your troubles. That’s why we fondly remember the work our videographers and cinematographers provided for Gabe & Krista just last year, on September 19th, 2015 on their splendid wedding day celebration set at the beautiful Belcroft Estate – a first visit for us at SDE! With a morning overcast to set a sentimental mood, our videographers and cinematographers would nonetheless end up witnessing a beautiful bright day unfold, no doubt in part illuminated by the bright smiles and sheer joy shared by such a loving couple as Gabe & Krista. So come join us and scroll further to learn more about Gabe & Krista’s most special of days, a few notes on the favorite shots and scenes from our videographers and cinematographers, and an intimate look into the dealings of the day through our specially made highlight reel, guaranteed to brighten up any cloudy day!

With filming for the wedding day beginning between the late hours of the morning and the arrival of mid-day, our videographers and cinematographers began naturally with a joint-scene of the bride and groom’s preparations, which were well underway for the big day ahead. Gabe & Krista, a couple whose fates were brought together through a chance meeting at a friend’s celebration, would somehow find themselves having their own celebration – and in commemoration, remembering their earliest moments together through an exchange of love letters on the morning of their wedding day. A favorite scene for our videographers and cinematographers to incorporate, we include the readings in our highlight reel so that you too can enjoy the beloved couple sharing a moment of nostalgia through their truly heartfelt exchange of words befitting for a prelude to an exchange of vows just ahead.

Though for the highlight itself, our videographers and cinematographers had chosen a truly lovely scene to begin with. Of Gabe & Krista’s first moments together on their wedding day, meeting each other for a first-look and first kiss on the site of the Belcroft Estate to set a whirlwind of events off to a truly wonderful start. Notice a key detail of the first kiss held at the far-end of a rustic pathway outlined by trees on both sides. A symbolic motif choice signifying the ‘start’ of Gabe & Krista’s future path together.

Of course, we must make the most special mention of the bride & groom’s eternal moment – of their wedding ceremony and exchange of vows – captured and made ever-more eternal through our lenses. With the weather made calm, almost as if fate would have it, Gabe & Krista held their holy matrimony outdoors, underneath the wooded frame of a comfy gazebo set on the Belcroft Estate locale. With guests making their way one-by-one, Krista would be the one to make a very special entrance – in a vintage vehicle and escorted by her closest family members, staying true to the rustic wedding theme of the day. You can witness the vow-exchange in the highlight video. A truly magical moment that mere words won’t suffice to describe.

With their fates sealed and their faith in each other reinforced, Gabe & Krista – alongside their closest friends as bridesmaids and groomsmen – held various photo and video-shoots throughout the expanse of the lovely Belcroft Estate. Many choice scenes from the post-ceremony festivities are included in the highlight reel. One particularly beautiful scene filmed by our videographers and cinematographers was of a slow-zoom out from the newlywed couple sharing a kiss in the very same spot where they held their first-look. Now surrounded by their closest friends cheering them on, one can’t help but feel a sense of completion which tied this little-loop together perfectly!

To draw a perfect end to a perfect day, Gabe & Krista held a wonderfully festive celebration on the Belcroft Estate from the early afternoon till well into the night. In a gorgeously decorated evening venue, Gabe & Krista made a cool-and-casual entrance and were met with wide-eyed applause from family and friends, wedding goers and well-wishers alike. We also feature the happily newlywed couple’s speech dedicated to the crowd, and various bits of scenes of the celebration – all set outside to lovely evening weather and a late-night BBQ to end off a beautiful day in a truly intimate fashion. In the end, we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth rental group, had a truly wonderful time working with Gabe & Krista on their most magical day. We wish the two many more magical days ahead, and hope that our work for them will serve as a token of remembrance; of a cloudy day made ever brighter and beautiful through the smiles and liveliness of such a perfect pair.

Wedding venue: Belcroft Estate | 2539 14 Line, Innisfil, ON L0L 1R0
Wedding décor: Kerr Events & Design
Photography: Sara Monika
Florist: Opulence Floral
Hair stylist: Victoria Bourque Beauty Boutique
Cake: I Wanna Cupcake