Nothing says “I love you” more than saying it twice. A reaffirmation of love, halfway across the world, is what sets off the story of Dunja & David, a Serbian-Canadian couple whose second-wedding ceremony we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group, had helped film. In a humble gathering between Dunja & David’s closest family and friends, the young couple had hosted their ‘second’ wedding earlier this year on October 19th, 2014, with a ceremony and celebration both set at the beautiful Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex on Toronto’s lake-shore. The two had wed previously overseas, but had decided to perform the resplendent rites just once more for the couples’ family and friends here in Toronto. In our videographers’ and cinematographers’ work with the couple, one can witness just how close Dunja & David’s amorous coil of friendship and faithfulness as a couple had been entwined, their twin fates woven into one another, making for many special scenes captured by our videographers, and featured in the following highlight reel below. Scroll further to learn more about Dunja & David, their wondrous wedding event, and just how beautiful a love-stated-twice can truly be.

Morning came early for our Toronto wedding videographers and cinematographers, as we arrived at David & Dunja’s camps. David, interestingly enough, had his prep at the Liberty Grand, which was a first in filming for our videographers and cinematographers. While Dunja began at the Thompson Toronto Hotel on Wellington, just a stone’s throw away from the city core. Dunja chose a stunning silken wedding gown, while David chose a charming bow-and-suit combination, giving the presuming pair a stately and elegant appeal for the wedding ahead. A short drive to the Liberty Grand would begin the day’s events, with a wonderfully shot first-look at the Liberty Grand’s gorgeous central courtyard, on a bright and lovely autumn morning. A shining sun overhead made for a beautiful shot for our videographers and cinematographers, aptly illuminating the brightest of moments for Dunja & Dunja.

For the centrepiece ceremony, which had also taken place in Liberty Grand’s own spacious ceremonial hall, our videographers and cinematographers had filmed a lovely scene of the slow procession of the bridesmaids, as well as the couples’ beloved black and white boxer puppy, who had his own little exclusive entrance. As for the piece-de-resistance of the day, Dunja eagerly walked down the aisle hand-in-hand with her father as she approached her husband to be. A lovely ceremony full of joy, laughter and abundant smiles was in store, as Dunja & David were wed in a very casual and carefree ceremony. An amorous air between the newlyweds during their ceremony truly emphasized the innocent love that bound them both, that which has brought them together on this faithful day.

A plenitude of platitudes, greetings, well wishes and congratulatory cheers awaited the newlyweds Dunja & David almost immediately as the congregation took towards a transition from the ceremony to the celebration ahead. Along with perfect scenes captured by our videographers and cinematographers, plenty of pictures were taken in the Liberty Grand’s picturesque harbour-front location, with guests and family side-by-side with the bride & groom, eager to immortalize such a sentimental moment.

For the night’s reception and celebration, Liberty Grand provided their award-winning reception hall, which quickly filled up with well over a hundred of Dunja & David’s closest friends and family. As another charming feature to the couples’ wedding, Dunja & David had chosen to feature a slideshow of the couples’ first wedding on the banquet hall’s silver screen, adding a nice touch of continuity to the couples’ storybook wedding. Our videographers and cinematographers had also focused on filming Dunja & David’s first dance, an elegant moment caught on film and featured in the highlight video from the day. All in all, Dunja & David’s ecstatic evening affair drew to a gradual close, in a colourful celebration to draw a wonderful end to a newly-wed couples’ wonderful day. We here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group, wish Dunja & David many more wonderful memories in married life to come, and wish that our work with them has left a lasting touch to their wondrous story.

Wedding Venue: Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex
Photographer: Mirza Noormohamed | Wandering Eye Photography