We here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography company, were more than excited when Diane & Anthony came to us to help film their engagement video, which took place just this past October 16th, 2014 on a bright autumn afternoon of filming in Toronto’s famous Kensington Market. However, let us go back four years, where a chance meeting through mutual friends begins the story of Diane & Anthony, a young Filipino couple whose common backgrounds and professions would be the catalyst for their memorable meeting and the bedrock of a relationship soon to blossom. Funny how fate has its ways of pairing a perfect couple together in its strange and serendipitous way.

The two, both nurses, had an interesting anecdote on how the pair had been acquainted through chance and how Anthony’s sense of humour and penchant for pranks had succeeded in charming a curiously confused Diane all in the midst of a common acquaintance’s birthday party. Whoever said first impressions last the longest had their noggin’ on right. Anthony had also recanted to us the tale of his marriage proposal to Diane, which can be seen in the video below. Let’s just say Anthony had a trick or two up many of his sleeves – a coffee cup sleeve for one. All in all, we were pleased in how the engagement video had turned out, and hope that the couple enjoy watching it as well. The anxious couple, Diane & Anthony, will have their wedding to take place a few months from now on January 10th, 2015, with the videographers and cinematographers from yours truly in charge of the camera-work. Let’s just say we’re anxiously excited for what’s left to come for our work with Diane & Anthony. Till fate conspires again, we can only wait.