Weddings contain some of the most precious moments in one’s life, and us at SDE Weddings are more than delighted to be a part of capturing these moments, and creating mementos that last a lifetime. Such were our sentiments when we were given the precious task of handling the wedding cinematography for Dan and Danielle. A couple whose namesake compliments each other perfectly, and hopefully our service complimented their wedding as well. Our Toronto Wedding Videographer had a blast filming Dan & Danielle’s wedding on September 21st, 2013.

The wedding ceremonies took place at the footsteps of the fall season, in a very special location in Toronto. Our story begins in Old Mills Inn, in the early morning, where the beautiful bride makes preparations for the big day. With mother and bridesmaid on hand, she fits and fashions herself to ensure perfection for the wedding, and indeed for life. Nearing mid-day, a special bouquet of flowers is delivered to the church, Morningside High Park Presbytarian church, to commemorate the holy union, and our bride and groom arrive on the scene. Both entourages in black and white escalades respectively, a fitting contrast for Dan and Danielle who compliment yet complete each other. Guests begin arriving as well, and are greeted by the jovial sounds of the ceremony musicians, Duo D’Amore, ‘the two who are in love’. At noon, the wedding ceremony begins, and the twin fates of Dan and Danielle are made one. As the wedding proper finishes off, the festivities only start to pick up. The faithful couple greet the guests auspiciously at the backdrop of the church’s entrance, and the celebrants begin their trek to the setting of the wedding celebrations.

As the afternoon begins, the wedding congregation travel to the heart of the city for pictures, to remember these moments. The wedding reception was held at St. George’s Golf and Country Club, a fine setting for the denoument of the day. Once everyone arrived and made themselves comfortable, the newlyweds shared their very first and very special dance together. To add to the celebration, a timeless cultural tradition, as the party performs a Ukranian bread ceremony, to emphasize heritage and tradition, and indeed, the formation of a new family. Afterwards, the wedding dinner began, the entrees are served and the best man makes a speech and toast to the happy couple. As dinner progresses, one by one, relatives, loved ones, and family of the newlyweds make their piece known through their speeches, as outpourings of well wishes fill the atmosphere.

The speeches conclude with a word from the couple themselves, and afterwards, the formal dances begin. First, and most properly, a father-daughter dance, and shortly after, a mother-son dance. Proud parents telling their children to enjoy the gifts of marriage, as they too have done. As the sentimentaly sets the mood, the dance floor opens, and everyone is free to celebrate to their hearts conent. Bouquets are tossed, and as the evening closes, a late night buffet and celebratory cupcake tower are made available.

All in all, as the wedding day of Dan and Danielle comes to an end, our crew made sure to capture all the happiness and love that filled the air, so that indeed, this day was one that everyone will remember.”

Bride Getting Ready Location: Old Mills Inn | 21 Old Mill Road, Toronto
Church: Morningside High Park Presbyterian | 4 Morningside Ave, Toronto
Reception: St. George’s Golf and Country Club | 1668 Islington Avenue, Etobicoke
DJ: Kooltempo Toronto Wedding DJ
Photographer: Purple Tree Photography

All photos courtesy of Purple Tree Photography |