They say true love is enough to stand the test of time, and for Grace and Christian, there is no truer a sign of love than a reaffirmation of wedding vows. The couple, who’ve been happily married ten years, chose to renew their promises to each other in a much more vibrant and celebrated light, as their primary wedding promises were met under less than glamorous means. Now that they’ve threaded the path of life together and have built a bit of financial prosperity for themselves, Grace and Christian saw it fit to finally have the fancy wedding ceremony that they’ve always wanted. We at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography & cinematography group, found the whole sentiment of renewed vows rather charming, and were very much pleased to put forth our efforts in reflecting the ideal wedding experience that Grace and Christian envisioned for themselves in full media form. The ceremony and reception took place in St. Lawrence Hall, about Toronto’s famous St. Lawrence Market, on November 23, 2013, in an inspiring “re-nuptial” wedding service surrounded by the couples’ closest loved ones to commemorate a decade’s milestone of a marriage.

The cold autumn day of filming for our videographers began with a solemn reading of short notes between Grace and Christian as they busily prepared for their decade’s wedding anniversary. Grace and Christian, a Filipino couple from Toronto, already knew ten years ago that they were ready to grow old together, and indeed, with the couples’ young son helping his big dad into his anniversary attire; we couldn’t help but feel that their wishes for a prosperous married life were verily granted. Grace, elegantly dressed in a thick silken beige coat to match her wedding gown, met with Christian, in full formal suit with a vintage trilby hat and black bow-tie, at the bride’s family home, and the two hurriedly made their way to the the stone arches of Guildwood Inn Park on the shores of Lake Ontario for afternoon wedding shots and video-taking by our crew. Afterwards, the beloved couple and their entourage arrived at St. Lawrence Hall to attend to greeting guests and making last-minute provisions for their once-fabled gala anniversary reception.

Grace and Christian renewed their wedding vows and were happily renamed man and wife only a few hours past noon, in a ceremony only befitting what they had dreamed for themselves the first time around. With a complete set of bridesmaids junior bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and many more, it is no understatement to say that Grace and Christian have left an impression on many lives throughout the ten years that they’ve been together, and it is no surprise that the many happy faces in and among the crowd were familiars to both, and have known the couple throughout their married life and beyond. The duo sealed their ten year anniversary deal with a sand-blending ceremony, to accent in symbolic form the strength of the loving bond that have joined the two throughout the many years before, and indeed the many years to come.

The newly-renewed newlyweds then made their grand entrance to the hall, and beforehand, a special photo and video shoot of the reception setting done by our videographers here at SDE Weddings to highlight the extravagant wedding night affair. Bridal party introductions, speeches and cake-cutting served as further commemoration of Grace and Christian’s anniversary, and us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography group, felt that this was truly one of our most profound wedding-day works to date. With the night’s celebrations closing to old photographs of Grace and Christian’s first wedding ten years ago, and an open ballroom full of lively dancing to end the day, we hope that Grace and Christian finally had the wedding ceremony they’ve always hoped for, and truly wish them a happy ten year anniversary and indeed many more years to come.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: St. Lawrence Hall | 157 King St. East, Toronto, Ontario
Photographer: Scott Williams
DJ: DI Ritz
Wedding Officiant: Jim Emerson | Enduring Promises
Makeup Artists & Hair: Christine + Chuana