When two people love and adore each other, together they can make it through the most difficult times and turn every day into something beautiful. The love between these two precious individuals, Chris and Natalie, surely made this wedding day into a beautiful day for us at SDE Weddings to film and capture. As a Toronto-based wedding videography & cinematography company, being able to share this important day and create a wedding video for the couple to look back on for years to come is very meaningful to us.

Our crew arrived at the Old Mill Inn, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto, to capture the preparation leading up to this once-in-a-lifetime moment. The special day was held on July 12th, 2013, and all of the time and preparation that Natalie had put into the wedding day is surely evident in the beautiful footage filmed by our wedding videographers.

All photos are provided by Jeremy Clay | Toronto Wedding Photography by Jeremy Clay

The day begins with excitement and butterflies as the bride and groom get prepared for the occasion, Chris dressed handsomely in a black suit with red accents, and Natalie in a stunning white bridal dress. Family members express their thoughts and emotions, even recalling Chris’ wish as a young child to become a police officer. His wish did come true, as he now serves and protects the City of Toronto, but the best part of this modern day fairy tale is that his wish also led him to a dream come true, finding love in fellow police officer Natalie.

Finally, to the sounds of live musicians, friends and family look on with happiness as the bridesmaids begin the procession, and Natalie is gracefully escorted to meet Chris at the altar, unable to contain her radiant smile even through her white veil. Our Toronto wedding videographers were in attendance to capture each special moment of the wedding ceremony. After battling tears of joy exchanging vows, they share a sweet kiss to make it official. Family members and friends congratulate the couple, as the formal wedding comes to a close. Chris and Natalie take a moment to enjoy a romantic breather in the gardens before the post-wedding reception and celebrations, which our videographers got on camera to the backdrop of the natural scenery.

With the couple officially joined as one, the post-wedding atmosphere is one of liveliness and celebration. The beloved pair dance their way into the dining hall, and they are both glowing with happiness, ready to spend an evening surrounded by loved ones. With the wedding dinner underway, those closest to the newlyweds give speeches at the microphone, telling embarrassing stories and expressing their sincere blessings and well wishes for the couple, many making a toast to the happy couple. Chris and Natalie concluded the speeches, expressing their gratitude to the guests, and even thanking our wedding videographers for being there to film the wedding video. Music and laughter fill the air, as more cheerful events were captured. The bride and groom make the first cut into the gorgeous three-layer cake, following with the first dance. An artist was available to make hand-drawn caricatures for the guests’ entertainment and so that they could keep a token of remembrance from the wedding day. After the traditional bouquet and garter toss, the guests finally join them on the dance floor for a night of celebration.

We at SDE Weddings were delighted to be a part of this joyous and memorable day, and we sincerely hope that that our wedding cinematography services were able to provide lasting documentation of the best moments. Chris and Natalie have a strong love for each other, and many loving people around them. Seeing these two individuals together clearly represents not only the formation of a new family, but also the melding of two families into one, bonded by love. We hope that you also enjoy Chris and Natalie’s wedding video courtesy of SDE Weddings.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue: Old Mills Inn | 21 Old Mill Rd, Toronto, ON M8X 1G5
Wedding DJ: DJ Dave Campbell
MC: Mark Zander
Wedding Co-ordinator: Chameleon Events | Terri-Ann James
Wedding Photographer: Jeremy Clay | Toronto Wedding Photography by Jeremy Clay