“True love takes hard work and patience”, beyond the happiness and smiles of a couple on their wedding day lies a tale of perseverance, of sacrifice, of struggle and triumph. That’s why these words paraphrased from Caroline & Nitin’s wedding day speeches ring so true for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group. From the many and varied matrimonial memories we’ve graciously and proudly have been a part of, one true sentiment still remains, and one that is particularly exemplified by our experience with Caroline & Nitin’s wedding day. An unforgettable day set in the midst of midsummer on July 12, 2014 with a Catholic ceremony held at Mississauga’s St. Joseph Church and a wonderful wedding day celebration afterwards at the spacious and luxurious Red Rose Convention Centre. That is, the true testament of time in truly cementing a solid foundation for a marriage made to last a lifetime. In that sense, Caroline & Nitin’s seven whole years of growth and transformation from friendly familiars to a bona-fide pair of star-crossed souls professing their mutual devotion under the auspices of a solemn altar and a congregation composed of the teary-eyed seems only natural. The most tumultuous task however, for our videographers and cinematographers, was to craft a unique cinematic experience that would reflect Caroline & Nitin’s wedding day succinctly as the culmination of an intimate seven year long journey, and the grand beginning of a whole new adventure after marriage. Suffice to say, with our namesake same-day-edit done specially for the couple, a highly receptive crowd and Caroline & Nitin’s natural exuberance shining through our lenses throughout the day, it was a proverbial ‘piece of cake’ to capture the best possible shots we could. Scroll further to read more about our unforgettable experience with Caroline & Nitin and their wonderful wedding day.

The truest bridge between two people is the simple exchange of words. Staying true to that claim, in a sentimental scene to begin the morning of Caroline & Nitin’s very special day, our videographers and cinematographers had filmed a very emotional exchange of letters between bride and groom to be, all captured in midst of a hectic morning’s preparation. Caroline, seemingly overwhelmed with excitement, was more than elated as she read off her dearly beloved’s welcoming words greeting her to a future life together. Nitin, a sentimental sap of his own, couldn’t help but stutter emotionally through his bride-to-be’s wedding day confessions spelt out in a simple letter. With an added exchange of gifts, the eager couple would soon make their way hastily for Mississauga’s St. Joseph Catholic Church for a moment of a lifetime. The overall impression of the wedding was a cultural concatenation of Catholic rites and South Asian sensibilities; a truly interesting sight to see and film for our videographers and cinematographers, all in the juxtaposition of garments, colours, traditional clothing and every manner of fashion imaginable. A scene of the beloved couple happily having completed their wedding was one for the ages, and one which you can preview in the accompanying highlight video. The wedding party would soon transition our lenses and theirs to a myriad of beautiful post-wedding scenes for photo-taking and videography set in Mississauga’s gorgeous Adamson Estate. One particular scene which we’re rather proud of was one of the newlywed couple standing eye-to-eye as they stood beside the ebb-and-flow of Lake Ontario’s effulgent waves, transitioning to a romantic kiss. You can view this favorite scene of our videographers as well in the highlight video.

The true highlight of the evening, however, would be the afterparty ahead. With a sharply indigo theme to match their effervescent attitude, Caroline & Nitin made a miniature ruckus of their own as they entered the ballroom in an ecstatic dance, with well-deserved grins from ear to ear. Plenty of memorable scenes were captured and highlighted by our videographers and cinematographers; some of our favourites being a sultrily seductive garter toss, an evocative pyromancer performance, bridesmaids and groomsmen in a joint dance, and a hauntingly beautiful shot of the couple mid-pirouette on the dancefloor for their first dance. All in all, Caroline & Nitin’s wedding celebration was an unbelievable joy to film for our videographers, and the added energy emanating from the beloved couple throughout the day made for many wonderful scenes to capture. We wish Caroline & Nitin the very best in their lives together, and hope that they never lose that same spark that ignited their flame seven years ago, and continue to burn in their hearts to this day.

Ceremony Venue: St. Joseph Church | 5440 Durie Road, Mississauga, L5M 2J5
Reception Venue: Red Rose Convention Centre | 1233 Derry Road East, Mississauga, L5T 1B6
Photographer: TeAdoro Photography | Magda & Radek
Wedding DJ: EliteDJ | Tony Sousa
Wedding Coordinator: The Occasion Sensation | Valerie Gower
Wedding Officiant: Rev. Fr. Marc Andre Campbell | St. Joseph Catholic Church
Make Up Artists: Doll Me Up | Sonam Dudeja
Wedding Attire: Sophie’s Bridal Shop & Freeman Formal
Wedding Decor: A&M Wedding Décor | Mandy Badwal
Wedding Cake: La Casa Dolce
Limo & Transportation: Hollywood Stars Limo