It is a timeless proverb that says that ‘it takes two to tango’, and such a saying rang especially true for the wedding of Michael and Sainan, a couple from California who chose Toronto as their wedding day destination, and SDE Weddings as their premier Toronto wedding videographers to handle the tumultuous task of filming and documenting the biggest day of the couples’ relationship. Michael, originally a Torontonian, met the love of his life, Sainan, in a saucy Latin dance class while at school in California. The two hit it off immediately, and not just on the dance floor. Michael saw a rhythm in Sainan that resonated with his own, and as the pair went through the motions, step by step, they slowly formed an unyielding bond that would shuffle their steps straight to the wedding aisle.

All photos courtesy of Wilkie Yeung

The fated ceremony took place in St. Andrews Roman Catholic Church in Oakville, Ontario. Prior to the wedding however, families and friends made diligent preparations on the morning of the big day. Traditional Chinese wedding doorbuster games took place once everything was in place, followed by a tea ceremony, a millenia old tradition practiced during a Chinese wedding. One interesting facet of doing traditional weddings is witnessing the cultural syncretism practiced by many couples and families. The mingling of ancient ceremonies with modern practices, and the fusion of different cultural traditions is an interesting sight to see, especially in Toronto, a city whose populace is known for its plentitude of diverse backgrounds and storylines.

Family and friends enjoyed a wedding day lunch, as the cast and crew of the day’s big performance made themselves ready for the main event. The wedding procession then made their way to St. Andrews Church in Oakville, and the formal wedding ceremony took place at the closing of midday festivities. As the ceremony ended, Michael and Sainan were now locked in the irrevocable rhythm of married life, and believe that the pair are well versed in all the intricate steps involved.

After our Toronto wedding videographers filmed Michael and Sainan’s special moment, we followed the wedding procession to the Royal Botanical Gardens, Canada’s largest botanical garden, in Hamilton, Ontario. One of Canada’s premier tourist destinations for horticulture and plant life, it was a unique and beautiful setting for wedding day celebrations in the scenic midst of lush natural greenery. The celebrants took photographs amongst themselves and enjoyed the natural ambiance of southern Ontario’s largest biosphere. As the day grew longer, cocktail hour fell upon the celebrants, and a night of festivities was in store. Introductions to the newlywed couple and their families were made, the proverbial ‘first dance’ commenced, indeed, the first dance of the couple as man and wife. Ironically, it was not a Latin dance. The crowds’ cordial congratulations filled the atmosphere, as speeches were made one by one by the two’s closest friends and family. Our wedding videographers from Toronto were ever present during the celebration, and ensured their very best work in documenting every precious memory, never letting a single smile slip past their lenses.

The nights’ celebrations closed with the grand serving of a wedding cake, the throwing of a bouquet, a variety of group games for all in attendance, and aptly enough, solemn moments of dances shared between bride and groom and their parents. All in all, SDE Weddings were proud to play a part in capturing the captivating memories of Michael and Sainan’s wedding, and we are sincere in wishing them a long life of song and dance together.

Michael + Sainan
Wedding Ceremony Venue: St. Andrews Roman Catholic Church | 47 Reynolds St  Oakville, ON, Canada
Priest: Rev. Dr. Peter B. Coughlin, Pastor
Reception Venue: Royal Botanical Gardens | 680 Plains Road West, Burlington, ON Canada
Photographer: Wilkie Yeung |
DJ: Gigs Entertainment