“Will you marry me?”, four simple words are enough to define an entire lifetime between two souls. That a single sentence would be enough to change a life, to shape a future, and to build something beautiful is one of the cornerstones of what drives us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography company, to consistently create, capture and convey these profound and life-changing memories. Such was how we felt during our work with Brigitte & Randall, a lovely couple from Toronto who held their wedding ceremony and celebration just last month on November 1st, 2014 in a delicate and plainly stated nuptial gathering at the gorgeous downtown venue of ‘2nd Floor Events’ on King Street W. Brigitte & Randall have an interesting story to tell when it comes to these ‘four simple words’, a tale which finds its setting half-a-world away. During a springtime cruise vacation to the Hawaiian islands, Randall had taken Brigitte up to the highest deck on a clear and cloudless night underneath the twilight of stars and popped the question out of the blue, to which Brigitte responded in the affirmative, and sealed the deal as they overlooked the beautiful island of Maui. Such a romantic recanting is what makes our videographers’ and cinematographers’ work here at SDE Weddings all the more worth every moment. And for our namesake ‘Same-Day-Edit‘ service to complement Brigitte & Randall’s reception was truly an honour for us. Scroll further to learn more about our experience with Brigitte & Randall, their unforgettable wedding day, and to watch our videographers’ and cinematographers’ Same-Day-Edit of the couples’ most-wondrous wedding below.

Brigitte & Randall’s long-awaited wedding day starts off in an early morning prep session at the exclusive ‘Bridal Suite’ of Toronto’s Fairmont Royal York Hotel. In our videographers’ Same-Day-Edit below, you can view Brigitte’s emotional reading of a love letter written for her by her husband-to-be, and her reaction to the gift of a gold watch, a literal ‘time-piece’ “to keep track of our love” as the bride had put it perfectly. One particular shot that our videographers and cinematographers were quite satisfied with was of the couple’s first look. The first moment a couple lays their eyes on each other on their wedding day is understandably one of the most emotional moments of their lives, and our goal was to capture the entire moment from every angle. Quite literally then, we had a nice 360 shot of Brigitte & Randall’s first look and kiss, which you can preview in our Same-Day-Edit.

Brigitte & Randall had chosen a simple and refined ceremony for their wedding. As an added touch, the beloved bride & groom’s wedding aisle was lined with sentimental pictures of the couple and their family. Our videographers and cinematographers had captured Brigitte & Randall’s exchange of ‘solemn vows’ on the Same-Day-Edit, which felt more so like a casual conversation between two old friends sharing a sentimental memory together. For the after-ceremony reception at Toronto’s ‘2nd Floor Events’, the newlyweds and their entourage had several extravagant entrances all in a row. As an interesting anecdote, the ring bearers “rode” in to the tune of Chamillionaire’s “Ridin’ Dirty”, which we thought was kinda cute. The newlywed couples’ first dance and parents’ dance were themselves ‘unforgettable’ moments, one of the choice songs being Nat King Cole’s legendary hit ‘unforgettable’. As the night soon winded down, our Same-Day-Edit that our videographers and cinematographers had crafted and created through the first half of Brigitte & Randall’s reception was to take centre stage as the closing segment to the ceremonial speeches. And after a round of applause, we felt truly blessed to play a part in Brigitte & Randall’s love story on their wedding day. In the end, we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group, had a wonderful time working with Brigitte & Randall in capturing their blessed wedding day ceremony and celebration. We wish Brigitte & Randall all the best, and hope that our work with them through our film and Same-Day-Edit serves as an unforgettable token of their love for each other throughout their lives.

Venue & Vendor info:
Wedding Hotel: Fairmont Royal York
Wedding Venue: 2nd Floor Events
Photography: Purple Tree Photography
Limousine Service: Hollywood Stars Limos