For Natasha and Brad, a pair of old souls well beyond their age though marked with an undeniable youthfulness typified of a late-twenties sentiment, the date of July 4th, 2014 would mark the culmination and completion of a personal journey for the both of them. One which spanned seven and a half years, to which an end is found on an unforgettable memory underneath an outdoor canopy, sharing their vows as they stood atop of their worlds looking towards the horizon ahead of them. We here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group, are never at a loss when it comes to the joy felt from experiencing and sharing in the wonderfully heartfelt celebration that is a couples’ wedding; a seal to bond two lives, and a moment to last a lifetime. Natasha and Brad’s wedding was particularly special for us; being our first video shoot in the lovely community of Ancaster. The couples’ special day took place amidst the gorgeous scenery of The Ancaster Mill, with plenty of picturesque scenes of Southern Ontario’s pastoral charm to please any a videographers’ eye. Keep your cursors scrolled to see our specially made highlight video of the wedding day in full, and to learn more of our experience filming Natasha and Brad’s wonderful wedding.

brad natasha toronto wedding ancaster mill video

(All photos courtesy of Gemini Photography |

Natasha had always known that she had on her a winner from the get-go, with Brad being part of the Canadian Olympic Team as a professional snowboarder and frequent competitor in winter games; a bona-fide specialist on the half-pipe. Yet apart from death-defying tricks and catching air above the steepest snow structures, Brad found himself catching a feeling no altitude above ground can ever hope to match. For well beyond seven years of courtship summed to a single day, Natasha and Brad couldn’t have looked more perfect for each other, and perfect for our lenses as our Toronto wedding videographers and cinematographers adamantly captured every sentimental moment shared between the bride and groom on the day that would make their lives complete.

For our videographers, an early trek from Toronto southwards to the incorporated Hamilton hamlet of Ancaster was a well-welcomed change of pace. A retreat from Toronto’s urban microcosm wherein which most of our work is filmed and produced, the contrast between our familiar concrete jungle and Ancaster’s small-town charm was enough to melt the softest of our cinematographers’ sentiments. Filming would begin in a comfy corner tucked on the southwest end of Hamilton proper, at Natasha’s residence as the eager bride and bridesmaids performed the oft-romanticized ritual of getting ready for the long walk down the aisle. In her completed ensemble, Natasha chose a dainty white wedding gown accompanied with a bouquet of matching white and pink carnations. To complement her, Brad chose a conservative and simplistic approach, opting for the formal black suit and tie motif. Altogether looking sharp, the couple would have their first look along a scenic walkway beside a private waterfall carved out of the contours of a rugged ravine. Think Frak Lloyd Wright’s ‘Fallingwater’. Needless to say, it was a gorgeous scene to be captured by our videographers and cinematographers, and one which you can preview in our included highlight reel.

brad natasha toronto wedding ancaster mill video

Under the beautiful midsummer sky, Natasha and Brad had their formal wedding rites performed in an outdoor ceremony amidst the dense shades offered by the forest’s full foliage. Cheered on by a congregation of the couples’ dearest friends and family; Natasha and Brad, once married, commenced a long drawn evening of celebration to commemorate a rite duly passed, and a union made complete. From our videographers’ lenses manifest a gamut of emotions strewn between scenes, yet written boldly on the faces and expressions of Natasha and Brad throughout the night. In a long interlude of intertwined energy on the dance floor, to a toast towards the newlyweds on their special night, the tail end of Natasha and Brad’s unforgettable day would prove the most emotive of all, and was an undoubted delight to film on our end. For us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group, nothing pleases us more than seeing the happiest moments in peoples’ lives play out through our lenses, and made immemorial through our design and artistry in film. Natasha and Brad’s wedding gave us just one more unique experience in wedding videography, and we truly thank them for having us as a part of their special day. We hope for all the best for both of them, and hope that they’ll always remain ‘world class’ wherever life takes them.

brad natasha toronto wedding ancaster mill video

Update March 19th, 2016: We recently wrote a blog post about another Ancaster Mill Wedding Video that we filmed in the summer of 2015. Katie + Michael, also happened to be friends with Natasha + Brad.

Wedding Planner: Karina Lemke
Wedding Venue: The Ancaster Mill | 548 Dundas Road, Ancaster
Wedding Officiant: Bev King
Wedding Musicians: String Trio Rosemary Hale
Wedding Photographer: Gemini Photography
DJ: Impact Entertainment
Flowers: Blush and Bloom
Hair & Makeup: Eduardo/Alexis
Transportation: Celebrity Limousine