There’s something deeply magical and beautiful in every wedding day, and for us here at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and photo booth rental company, it’s an absolute pleasure for our videographers to capture these magical and beautiful memories in full. From the first few moments of the morning’s preparations, to the exhilarating ending to a long evening’s celebrations, our videographers find passion in a couple’s passion; love in a newlywed’s love, happiness in two lives happily made one. So for our video team, the story of Lorraine & Tim held on a wondrous winter wedding day on February 17th, 2018 was an absolute delight to film through the lenses of our videographers. A young and inspiring couple from Toronto who met as volunteers at Toronto’s Sanctuary Ministries, found a common calling in their faith and devotion towards others, and indeed, devotion to one another. Hosting their wonderful wedding day ceremony at Toronto’s beautiful Metropolitan United Church, and their evening’s reception at the ever-elegant 1871 Berkeley Church, Lorraine & Tim’s faith and love on their very special day would be a true gift for them, bringing the two together on such a special day in their lives. So follow us as we remember the many special scenes and magical memories captured by our filmmakers on Lorraine & Tim’s faithful wedding day, and be amazed at how a story of faith, hope, charity, and love can blossom beautifully on a wondrous winter’s day.

Our videographers’ work on Lorraine & Tim’s wonderful winter season wedding day began with a chilly morning’s visit to both bride & groom as they prepared for their lifelong journey ahead together; with Lorraine hosting her morning’s preparations at the solemn Sanctuary Ministries where the two first met, and Tim at his downtown condo. A favourite scene from the highlights of our videographers was Lorraine & Tim’s first look at Toronto’s gorgeous Osgoode Hall, just beside Nathan Phillips square. Accompanied by their bridesmaids and groomsmen, Lorraine & Tim greeted one another gorgeously on their fateful wedding day, with a warm embrace on a cold February morning. Surrounded by their closest friends and loved ones, Lorraine & Tim would brave the February weather to make their way to Toronto’s breathtaking Metropolitan United Church to proceed with their wedding procession, and a first step in their future together.

For their ceremony, Lorraine & Tim’s choice of Toronto’s Metropolitan United Church was an excellent one. In our wedding highlight video, our videographers spent plenty of time taking in the church’s immaculate interior, which would be the perfect stage for Lorraine & Tim’s special moment together. One of the rare times our videographers had filmed in such a spacious and elegant church setting, Lorraine & Tim’s wedding ceremony was an absolute joy to film. From the walk down the aisle to the solemn vows, to the grand applause and everything in between; there was love in the air as Lorraine & Tim were happily pronounced husband and wife to the adoring cheers of their closest family and friends.

And with their lifelong promises set in stone, and a beautiful future together to look forward to, the happily married newlyweds Lorraine & Tim would proceed to their evening’s reception and celebration held at the wonderful 1871 Berkeley Church, a wonderful event space and one of our all-time downtown Toronto favourites. Surrounded by sentimental candlelights in a fairy tale wedding venue space, Lorraine & Tim’s evening was truly special through and through. From their grand entrance to the event hall, to the sentimental speeches from their closest family and friends, to the magic of the dance floor and the undeniable energy of the crowd, with many guests from the Sanctuary Ministries where it all began, all joined together in celebrating Lorraine & Tim’s wedding day; everything went perfectly for this faithful pair on their fateful day. A truly blessed wedding for a blessed couple. And a true blessing for our videographers to capture every wonderful wedding day memory in full.

And so, we here at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s top wedding videography and photo booth rental company, would like to congratulate Lorraine & Tim on their wonderful winter season wedding on a frosty February day. We’d like to extend our gratitude to the newlywed couple in giving us the opportunity to film their magical moments from their special day from beginning to end, and the honour in sharing such a beautiful day with them and their loved ones. All in all, we wish Lorraine & Tim all the very best in their future together, and hope that the faith which brought them together will keep them together all throughout their lives.

Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Ceremony Venue: Metropolitan United Church | 56 Queen St E, Toronto
Wedding Reception Venue: 1871 Berkeley Church | 315 Queen St E, Toronto
First look: Osgoode Hall | 130 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario