Faranak and Ayaaz, two prospective doctors and avid movie goers, were an absolute delight to work with for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s top wedding videography and cinematography company. Not only from the way the two were always brimming with positivity and shared an ever abundant love for one another, but through their openness, humour and above all a love of life that we knew that these two were among the brightest couples that we’ve ever set our sights on. Unique in our work with weddings, Faranak and Ayaaz had requested a special engagement video, where the couples’ love of film and interest in videography bonded with our very own. In midst of our studio’s green screen, the couple, along with their closest friends and loved ones, recreated a few of Hollywood’s most iconic scenes in a rather haphazardly humorous way, all with the running gag of Faranak and Ayaaz’s upcoming wedding celebration. Our work with the two would further culminate in a festive wedding weekend on May 30th and June 1st, 2014, at the familiar steps of Toronto’s ever luxurious Liberty Grand. Scroll further to learn more about Faranak and Ayaaz, their engagement’s green screen gregariousness and the beautiful weekend wedding ceremony and celebration that followed.

In the few weeks prior to their wedding, our videographers and cinematographers were delightfully visited in our studio office over the span of many days by Faranak and Ayaaz, along with an entourage of their friends and family, to film and recreate a multitude of scenes from some of Ayaaz’s favourite films, from The Empire Strikes Back to American Beauty, and everything in between. Who ever said self-insertion in videography was a big no-no was obviously wrong in this case, since the end result was a memorable mash-up of hilarious moments plucked from the depths of the green screen’s grimoire. Ultimately, our work with the couple would be made even more memorable soon after, partaking in the penultimate performance on their wedding day, and the dramatic denouement of their reception afterwards.

The weekend’s wedding time-line was curiously split with a casual carefree celebration on Friday and a more sombre and subdued traditional setting on Sunday, all taking place at Toronto’s spacious and ever luxurious Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex. In the featured highlight reel, you can view Faranak and Ayaaz exchange and read each others’ wedding day letters, reminding themselves of what drew them together, and heartfelt feelings interspersed with bits of humour. The couple were wed by noon in a lovely outdoor ceremony on a bright and picturesque day, a perfect scene captured in full by our videographers. The evening’s celebration soon came after, with the event’s centrepiece being the couples’ first dance under dimmed lights, a scene which could only be described with a string of superlatives; sweet, sentimental and surreal. The venue itself mirrored an illuminated arboretum, with hanging candles suspended over a multitude of branches, conveying an almost ethereal quality to the nights’ atmosphere under a subdued lilac backdrop. Given all that, the festivities would progress in liveliness till well past midnight, with guests left only hesitant in their departure.

Sunday’s event would follow a more traditional framework, with both South Asian and Persian ceremonies taking place. On both days, beyond our videographers’ film work was our very own photobooth set up ready and available for the inevitable slew of snapshots care of Faranak and Ayaaz’s guests. To compliment the afternoon were numerous speeches from Faranak and Ayaz’s closest loved ones, and a summation of the couples’ wedding celebration with a word from the beloved themselves and an open dance floor to end the night in the tune of liveliness and jubilation. All in all, we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography company, had a lot of fun working with Faranak and Ayaz, and wish them the very best in their life together. Hopefully when the two decide to make their own feature film, they’d give us a call. Hint hint.

Friday Wedding Venue: Liberty Grand | 25 British Columbia Rd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3
Sunday Wedding Venue: Claireport Place Banquet Convention Centre | 65 Claireport Crescent, Toronto, ON M9W 6V5
Wedding Photographer: Jag Gundu
Wedding DJ: DJ Conor Curtz
Wedding Officiant: Virginia Ceni
Wedding Decor: Sarah Goncalvez from Precious Flowers N Things
Wedding Cake: CC’s Creations
Wedding Limo & Transportation: Toronto Limo Rentals