The ‘best day of my life’, for many to categorize, would fall on their wedding day. The moment of consummation between two people is, understandably enough, a paramount memory that often defines an entire lifetime. We here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography company, know the paramount nature of a wedding day all too well, and the equally tumultuous task of capturing every unforgettable moment which a wedding day entails. That’s why we were more than pleased in working with Amy & Ned, a Cantonese couple who were referred to us by their friends William & May, whose wedding we had filmed just this summer. Amy & Ned’s fateful wedding was set on a bright autumn day on November 15th, 2014, with a ceremony at the St. Agnes Kouying Tsao Catholic Church, a visit to Toronto’s famous Steam Whistle Brewery, and a long night of celebration and excitement at Toronto’s Liberty Grand Wedding Entertainment Complex. With a preview of Amy & Ned’s wonderful wedding in the highlight reel below, it can be no surprise if this day would rank among the best of Amy & Ned’s lives together. Scroll further to learn more about our videographers and cinematographers’ work with Amy & Ned, and just what made their wedding day ‘perfect’.

Our videographers and cinematographers’ wedding day experience with Amy & Ned began on an anxious autumn morning, as Ned and his entourage arrived at Amy’s residence for a ‘door-crasher’ of an entrance; as the bridesmaids and groomsmen prepared for the traditional Chinese wedding day ‘door games’. You can catch many outrageous scenes from the door games in the highlight reel below. The gist of the light-hearted door-games, for those uninitiated, is that the bridesmaids set up mini-obstacles for the groom-to-be to pass through. In Amy & Ned’s case, Ned would triumphantly and outrageously pass through these ‘obstacles’ with ease, and plenty of laughter and excitement from the bridesmaids and groomsmen. All in all, our videographers and cinematographers enjoyed filming the door games the most, as the excitement and fun atmosphere seems almost contagious, a common remark from our videographers and cinematographers.

A light-hearted early morning event would transition to the more solemn and serious ‘tea ceremony’ between the bride & groom and their parents, and perfect sentimental scenes captured by our videographers and cinematographers. Amy had dressed for the morning’s traditional activities in an exquisite “qun kwa”, or Cantonese wedding Qipao, an interestingly intricate shimmering two-piece dress of gold, silver and red motifs, while Ned and his groomsmen preferred a standard bow-tie and suit ensemble. Both of them, dressed to impress, were greeted warmly by their parents, on both sides. From the experience alone, one can tell that Amy & Ned’s parents were very proud to see their children pass through one of the most significant parts of life, and it showed in full through their wide-eyed smiles during the tea ceremonies and the meet-and-greet afterwards.

Amy & Ned’s ceremony was held at the St. Agnes Kouying Tsao Catholic Church, with a complete canonical Catholic mass given for the congregation, many of which were family and friends from Hong Kong that paid a special visit overseas for Amy & Ned’s special day. The walk down the aisle was a slow and steady procession, with the couple and their loved ones savouring every moment, another sentimental memory captured by our videographers and cinematographers. Indeed, Amy & Ned made sure their wedding day would turn out perfectly by having rehearsals days beforehand, which made the moment of truth for the two turn out tremendously. As Amy & Ned were finally wed, the two gave a nod to the cheering crowd, and proceeded to the post-ceremony celebration ahead.

The next stop for the newlyweds and their wedding entourage was Toronto’s Steam Whistle Brewery, for an afternoon photo-session of imbibing some of Toronto’s finest brewed beverages and a tasting of some delectable hors d’oeuvres for the guests. The Steam Whistle Brewery has a pristine location right next to the Rogers Centre and CN Tower, which gave Amy & Ned’s tour an authentic ‘Torontonian’ flair, and made for some wonderful footage for our videographers and cinematographers.

Amy & Ned’s evening would close at Toronto’s luxurious Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex, a familiar venue and wedding location for our videographers and cinematographers. Interestingly enough, what stood out in particular was a powerpoint presentation of snapshots from the newlywed couples’ early morning doorgames. Needless to say, the couples’ candid morning moments made for plenty of laughs for the newlyweds and their guests. A gorgeous scene captured by our videographers and cinematographers was Amy & Ned’s first dance, of a magnificent tango done flawlessly. Assuming they practiced plenty for this moment, it paid off tremendously, with a roaring applause from the crowd and a wonderful wedding-day scene immortalized in film. With plenty of toasting, congratulatory words, and a banquet celebration to close the night, Amy & Ned’s wedding day turned out as perfect as perfect can be; with lots of unforgettable memories shared by Amy & Ned and their closest loved ones. In the end, we wish the two plenty more happy memories together, and hope that our work in capturing their wedding day will continue to remind them of one of the best days of their lives.

Wedding Ceremony Venue: St. Agnes Kouying Tsao Catholic Church
Wedding Reception Venue: Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex
Photo-session Venue: The Steam Whistle Brewery
DJ Services: Peter Phan | CubeLogic
Make Up: Satine Yang | Satine Studio
Wedding Dress: Essence of Australia