We are SDE Weddings. Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo booth group. From capturing many of life’s most precious memories to lovingly crafting a full-feature film of every cherished moment of your wedding day, our expert videographers and cinematographers have perfected the art of videography, cinematography and creating an eternal token of your most special wedding memories made exclusively for you and your loved ones. With a fresh new start to a fresh new year, we here at SDE Weddings look back fondly on an absolutely unforgettable year of wedding day memories from countless couples. So too do we look forward to the future as a bright canvas with unlimited possibilities in store for our videographers and cinematographers to truly show their time-tested talents. And though the weather for this newly-minted 2016 hasn’t been kind, our enthusiasm hasn’t waned none-the-least, and especially not during Canada’s Bridal Show earlier in January! For the many who visited us, we give you our utmost thanks, and we can’t wait to enjoy this wonderful new year with you all!

Our History

Beginning as a humble group of film aficionados brought together by our combined love of videography and cinematography, we have brought out our lifelong passion for art and film to the fold, and are utmost prepared to provide our perfected skills in videography and cinematography to you . Following the plenitude of pleased couples we’ve worked with all across Toronto and Southern Ontario, we here at SDE Weddings are sincere in our passion, ambition and talent for capturing your most special matrimonial memories and creating from them the perfect gift of a wedding film to last a lifetime.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and what better a way is there to retell, relive and remember the treasured tale of your very first moments of marriage than through a wedding film specially made for you and your loved ones? Our media specialists include industry veteran videographers, seasoned cinematographers, graduate film-makers and more. A commitment to creativity and a decided dedication to push our artistic acumen to the limits is what defines and sets us apart as a team of film-makers, artists and entrepreneurs. Let us handle the task of creating a lasting memento of your cherished wedding, and we promise that you’ll always be captivated by our work for years to come. This is SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo booth group . Capturing life’s precious moments, one scene at a time.

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